It's time for some tough love. Your salespeople are soft. I know, it might be tough to hear but to be honest, is your sales team carved out of solid granite? Are they pushing through deals with diamond-like hardness? Or, more likely, are they like a bowl of fluffy, gooey marshmallow pudding? We both know the answer. What's that? Marshmallow pudding isn't a thing? TELL THAT TO YOUR SOFT SALESPEOPLE! Well, not to worry. Here is DYL’s patented three-step process to get Ultra Hard™ and start slapping in more deals than ever before!

Get Moving & Have Fun

Squishy sales people sit around like lumps in their chairs, then wonder why nothing happens. Their sales calls are just like their lives: boring, empty, and slow. Crank some music. Walk around. Stand up and make your sales calls. If you start having fun, your prospects will have fun, too. At DYL, we have all kinds of methods for keeping things entertaining:

  • Ring a big brass bell when you close a sale.
  • Contests for who can make the most calls.
  • A big scoreboard for tracking results.

No More Callbacks

I'll call you back," is the refrain of the Ultra-Soft fluffball. Every objection or obstacle to closing the sale is just an excuse to hang up the phone and turn into a bowl of Jello. Why are you calling them back? They obviously picked up the phone and had a minute to talk to you.

  • They're busy? YOU'RE busy, being ultra-hard and making money.
  • They're still thinking? Great. Time to turn those thoughts into reality.
  • They're unsure? Make them sure. Let's overcome those objections.

Ultra-Hard™ salespeople don't call back. They close on the first call because they're that good! And they don't ask for the sale once---at DYL, we ask for the sale at least 7 times.

Get Persistent

When you're Ultra-Hard™, you don't call just once and then give up. That's what softies do. You call, you email, you text. You are so persistent that nothing stops you. If you aren't getting job offers from your prospects, you're doing it wrong. Every day, our very own customers try to poach our salespeople because they know they're hard. That is, when they're not comparing our sales team to wild animals, like a lion hunting prey. DYL's power dialer and text messaging make persistence a breeze. Our sales software will turn even the softest sales rep into solid steel.

Contact us today to see DYL in action or request a free demo to learn how we can improve the efficiency of your sales and service teams.