Well, better not tell that to Jack Hoedeman. In 4 years, Jack has built Compass Insurance Agency into a $10 million book of business. And guess what he uses? That’s right, Internet leads.

In this exclusive clip with DYL, Jack shares some of his secrets to maximizing profits from internet leads:

Webinar Video


  • Internet leads are an inexpensive and easy way to talk to people interested in insurance.
  • His office gets 50-100 internet leads PER DAY
  • For every $1 he spends on leads, Jack gets $3 in profit
  • Selling Auto & Home at the same time also increases his profits
  • Getting referrals from internet leads is key
  • Using DYL automates his entire lead process and has drastically improved his office’s productivity.
  • Switching to DYL cut his costs by over 50%

“As a business owner, it’s always great to hear success stories from customers like Jack. We love to provide ultra-hard features at a reasonable cost.“ - Matt Vandervort, DYL co-founder.

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